Discussions on Race and Gender Inequality

In joint collaboration with Empowering Women in Science, ReJUS will co-host a monthly discussion series on racial and gender inequity in society and in STEM fields. We seek to:

- to understand the history of racism and the nature of racist ideology over different periods of time.

- to understand current events in the context of racist thinking

- to provide tools to recognize biases within ourselves, and in formal and informal institutional policies

- to utilize existing resources to learn how to be anti-racist

- to raise awareness of the problems faced by women and minorities in STEM which limits diversity and inclusion in science

- to provide opportunities for self-reflection and group-reflection in order to identify, challenge, and take accountability for personal biases and the harm they cause in our community

The discussion series will take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 2pm. Everyone is welcome to join here!